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I am thoroughly disgusted. 

"…how is it okay to bash someone for being skinny when calling someone fat isn’t"

OH, I DON’T KNOW. Because it is infuriating for those who believe “fat” is “misery”. Because we, as a society, are shamed for being or feeling fat. It is beyond me how you failed to involve your emotions and common f*cking sense with what you just said. Like, really, what the F*CK. 

Our women are killing themselves over their bodies, whether they’re fat or skinny or in-between. Instead of snarking over women’s bodies, appreciate them. Support women in saving a life, whether it’s their own or another. 

Don’t set the bar to shaming physical appearances. That’s so low on so many levels.

Calling someone fat is just terrible. It’s inhumane. It can be loaded with meaning that is shorthand for all derogatory associations. We know that people who are teased about being fat can be at risk starting an unhealthy, even dangerous diet, and all eating disorders start with a diet. 

Followers, I’m not channeling you. But if you do ever call someone fat and mean it in the careless, off-hand way, think about it.

Our women are struggling, and you never know whose life would be at stake. 

Where’s MY appreciation and bouquet? 

I everything I do for you is left unacknowledged. In the dirt. 

I could say I’m done doing all this shit for you but I’d be lying. I’m a lesser woman now. 

It will not happen again.

It better not happen again. 

so confused so im just going to rearrange my room?? 

eh he’s alright but he’s tatted and silly so i’ll call it an 8


me accepting the ice bucket challenge




omg u are so difficult 


Care.com by Go Fuck Yourself

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Oh I want to break free baby🎶


Oh I want to break free baby🎶

Has anyone else noticed that the songs Freddie Mercury wrote are the only songs our culture is familiar with today?

I know, take a moment to take it all in. He’s pretty brilliant.